Friday, September 08, 2006

Shortcut of the week - 2

This week's shortcut is not a single keystroke but a small series of keystrokes. Nevertheless, still a shortcut, and more important without ever touching the mouse. Last week I showed you how to focus on the notification tray. Now I am going to the other side of the taskbar, the quick launch bar (QLB), assuming you have it activated.
Most pc users click on the QLB icons with the mouse, but it is very simple to accomplish the same thing just with the keyboard. Hit the Win-key, let go, and hit the tab-key subsequently. Now you're on the first QLB icon. If this is not the icon you want, just use the arrow keys to position the cursor onto the correct icon and hit enter.
By the way, if you hit the tab-key for a second time (or more depending how much stuff is between the QLB and Notification Area) you will end up in the Notification area. Actually, this method can be more convenient than last week's shortcut, although not as quick. The advantage is that tabbing to the Notification Tray (or area) will give you a visible focus on its icons. Just try both methods and you'll see what I mean.
Finally, in stead of hitting the Win-key by itself, you can also use Win+D. The desktop will disappear temporarily, but just like hitting Win-key by itself, the Start button gets the focus. So, tab and arrow away and you'll find yourself on the taskbar doing nice things you'd do "normally" with the mouse. Oh, your desktop returns as it was by hitting Win+D once more.
So, actually this weeks shortcut was three.

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