Monday, September 04, 2006


In my very first post just a few days ago I said that many people already wrote about the accessibility and usability of keyboard shortcuts. But I couldn't find a single blog that was uniquely writing about the subject. Until now. Well, not exactly a blog, but a website owned by Cantor Access Inc., a Toronto-based consultancy.
Most of the topics I wanted to cover are already discussed over there. Although it is a commercial site there's still enough material to read for free (I recommend the Windows Keyboard FAQ and the Macros FAQ articles).
For the time being I'll keep this blog alive, but I will skip the introductory posts I was about to publish. It's all on the site just mentioned. My next posts will focus more on specific items related to keyboard shortcuts including some tools you can use. I will also try to continue the Shortcut of the Week series.

Warning: before my next post you should have read Cantor's publications! So, start reading now!

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