Friday, September 01, 2006


This weblog is not about mice. It's not even about animals. But the reason for starting this blog has everything to do with eliminating the mouse as your favorite pointing device for your personal computer (sorry, I have to restrict myself to the Windows platform). In other words I'd like to encourage people to use the keyboard as a good and often better alternative to the mouse.
Manipulating a mouse or other pointing device is not always easy and efficient for people who operate computers and can eventually lead to mouse-induced repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). Mouse movements can also be a strain to people with mobility impairments that affect hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, some people without disabilities, including laptop owners and "power users," complain that the mouse can be awkward to handle.
I am aware that many people already wrote about the accessibility and usability of keyboard-only access in general and keyboard shortcuts in specific, but this blog tries to be unique by writing about the subject exclusively.
I will do my best to supply lots of examples and links to interesting articles and I hope many of you readers give feedback, tips and tricks to "trap that mouse".

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