Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shortcut of the week - 4

Windows Vista Tip: Why I love the TAB key

Been away for some time, but I am back with a great tip I found on the web. Note: it also works in XP !

courtesy: Josh's Windows Weblog (it has some screenshots too)

The tab key is the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to navigating around Windows via a command prompt. You can use it auto-complete paths, file names, and even in the middle of command lines. If you have never used it here is a little more about it.

If you type the beginning of a path hitting TAB will auto complete the first match that it finds to that string. For example if I have a “utility” folder at the root of my drive and I do CD U then hit tab it will not auto complete with the utility folder but instead would fill in the first U named folder it finds which would probably be Users. However if I put in UT then hit tab it will auto complete the rest for me, assuming I don’t have any other folders that begin with UT. The same trick can be used in typing file names that you want to run. This can be really useful for long folder paths especially those with spaces as it also automatically puts quotes around it for you.

Enjoy, and try the tab key you will be suprised how many places it will do work for you.

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